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Clauger has over 50 years of experience in the meat and poultry sectors. As established industry experts, we balance durability and quality with the latest technology and a commitment to protecting our planet.

Today’s consumers want transparency in the products they consume. This trend has given way to the Clean Label approach. Clean Label responds to the need from consumers for authenticity, honesty, and transparency. For food and beverage manufacturers, this translates to less processed products and more natural methods without chemical ingredients such as additives, preservatives, dyes, or pesticides.

Meat and poultry are susceptible to microbial growth, so maintaining the right conditions is key to effective and safe production. As an air quality specialist, Clauger has developed solutions adapted to the current and future needs of this industry and its various applications.

  • Slaughterhouses: primary chilling, quick chilling, bleeding, aging, cold storage, deep freezing.
  • Secondary processing: clean rooms, controlled atmospheres (dust classification ISO 5 to ISO 7), fast cooling, stiffening, thawing, defrosting.
  • Further Processing: grinding, salting, deboning, forming, coating, cooking, roasting, smoking, and aging.

Clauger offers a full range of customized cooling and freezing solutions designed to meet your requirements—whether meat or poultry, fresh or processed. Our expertise in refrigeration technology allows us to develop the right solution for your business, which will ultimately pay for itself financially and environmentally.

Our local service teams, combined with digital monitoring and data analysis, do everything possible to manage your plant’s energy and environmental efficiency, with a commitment to results over a multiple-year period.

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Our team is excited to welcome you and discuss our solutions and equipment dedicated to the food and beverage sector.

Anuga Foodtech


European leader in industrial refrigeration, Clauger, attends the ANUGA FoodTech expo in Cologne from April 26-29, 2022. Meet our teams in Hall 10.1 at Booth A020.

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