Clauger innovates airflow management with our E-Streaming solution, the first real-time monitoring, corrective, and trending tool for continuous air flow supervision.

E-Streaming is an aero contamination risk management tool which monitors quality, assists in piloting air treatment installations, and makes it possible to optimize energy consumption.

Clauger’s patented solution offers the following features:

  • Real-time, continuous monitoring of air flow directions, velocities, and inversions in a facility allowing you insights to take immediate action.
  • Corrective capabilities that automatically adjust your system (fresh air and exhaust) to re-establish correct air flow of your site.
  • Continuous optimization to identify the ideal balance between fresh air, extracted air and best operating mode parameters (using algorithms). Automatic corrections result in significant cost savings (maintenance & energy).

E-Streaming is suitable for both new and existing sites. It meets the dual objective of manufacturers to secure their processing while managing associated energy costs. This solution also reduces contamination risks and provides historical reports and data required for regulatory audits.


E-Streaming reduces energy consumption by using historical data to anticipate actual needs.

Energy use of the global air handling system is displayed in real time. Using this data, the system modulates air flow based on the real needs for fresh air. This results in significant savings of operating costs by optimizing the cooling and heating of fresh air.

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