Efficient, Safe, and Environmentally sound

Our commitment to developing the use and generation of green energy is critical to our future and the future of our planet. Operational reliability, cost containment, safety standards and environmental protection are major considerations. Clauger-Technofrigo offers a wide range of process systems-related solutions. These solutions not only meet our customers’ process-critical requirements, but they also comply with the most stringent safety and environmental standards and contribute considerably to reducing operation costs.


Our Process & Gas Solutions

Our process refrigeration and gas compression capabilities include process cooling; tank/storage cooling; chiller systems; compressor packages; and natural gas processing.

Our cooling and compression packages help end users who want to monetize gases by keeping them cool, liquid, and compressed unlike any other original manufacturers.

Clauger-Technofrigo PGE solutions are customized for each application and utilize the compressor type suited to meet customer requirements and specifications, including:

  • Oil-injected screw compressors, comfortably limiting oil carryover to <1ppm (parts per million)
  • Oil-free compressors (centrifugal or piston)

We maintain a global execution and support services team strategically placed throughout the world that add value to regionally diverse Chemical and Petrochemical projects.


World-class solutions for demanding applications

Clauger – Technofrigo S.p.A. has been working at the forefront of energy development and progress in gas compression and refrigeration applications for over two centuries. Our leading energy production systems and technology benefit the planet and your business.

Since 1898, Clauger-Technofrigo has worked on hundreds of on-shore and off-shore projects that encompass closed-cycle refrigeration, boil-off gas systems using various refrigerants (ammonia, hydrocarbons, mixed refrigerants), gas compression units, and more.

Our PGE Team provides EP capabilities related to skid-mounted units and ensures a plug and place approach thanks to our engineering, project management, manufacturing, commissioning and start up teams.


  • Gas Compression
  • Well gas compression
  • Compression for gas injection
  • Compression for pipeline transmission
  • Natural gas compression
  • Flare gas compression/recovery
  • Sour gas handling


  • Gas re-liquefaction
  • Gas gathering
  • Fuel boosters for gas turbine and engines
  • Gas treatment
  • Chiller unit packages and gas-turbine air inlet cooling systems
  • The Boil-off Process
  • Compressor Flexibility

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Clauger’s Energy team of combines purpose and innovation to deliver efficient solutions, designed by our experts, including the use of variable-speed and flow/power adjustment methods to manage varying inlet conditions supplied by the utility provider. Clauger’s teams do all of this to suit the specific needs while also creating potential OPEX savings in the long-term.

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Energy Optimization & Remote Monitoring

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Clauger-Technofrigo's oil system for tail gas compression packages


Clauger-Technofrigo PGE was selected by a major Oil & Gas Licensor to supply and engineer compression packages for a tail gas application at a refinery in Azerbaijan. This system, designed using oil-injected screw compressors, was engineered and installed as part



Clauger offers a different approach to odor treatment: transforming challenges into opportunities, using them as a means to decarbonize industrial sites.

Récupération et valorisation des rejets fatals


Aim to achieve a Green Label approach for your industrial site by implementing energy-saving technologies and environmentally friendly practices.

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