Clauger Technofrigo offers a wide array of industrial solutions across sectors, including oil & gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and more. Since 1898, we’ve committed to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions tailored to each industry’s needs. Our expertise lies in refrigeration, compression, emissions control, air treatment, odor control, and other related technologies.

Our Expertise in Refrigeration, Compression, and Heat Pumps

We specialize in refrigeration, compression, and heat pump systems, tailoring our solutions to meet our clients’ exact needs. From pre-assembled packages to turnkey installations, we design and construct plants with precision, ensuring they align perfectly with our clients’ requirements.

Our process begins with a thorough analysis of customer needs, considering investment costs (CAPEX), operational efficiency costs (OPEX), energy efficiency, and environmental impact. This comprehensive approach ensures that our solutions not only meet but exceed expectations.

We offer a range of compressor options, carefully selected to match the specific demands of each application. These include:

  • Industrial hermetic or semi-hermetic screw or piston compressors
  • Oil flooded screw compressors (compliant with API 619), with oil carryover limited to <0.1 ppm.
  • Dry compressors, either centrifugal (API 617) or reciprocating (API 618)

By offering this diverse range, we ensure that our solutions are adaptable to different levels of complexity, providing our clients with the optimal compressor type for their unique needs


Global Presence, Comprehensive Solutions

Our global team includes experts in analysis, project execution, and maintenance services. We cater to industries like Chemicals, Petrochemicals, and Oil & Gas, addressing diverse needs with strategic solutions. Some of our comprehensive solutions and applications include:

  • Oil & Gas Upstream and Midstream Cooling and Compression: Tailored solutions for natural gas and petroleum products, including temperature and humidity control, hydrocarbon recovery, vapor recovery, and flare gas management.
  • Downstream, Petrochemical, and Refinery Cooling and Compression: Customized solutions for refining and petrochemical processes, including refrigeration, gas compression, and heat dissipation.
  • High Temperature Heat Pumps: Providing hot water or steam for process plants with significant energy savings.
  • Temperature Control in Chemical Reactors: Solutions for maintaining optimal thermal conditions during chemical reactions, enhancing process efficiency.
  • Refrigeration and Storage of Chemical Products: Preserving product quality and stability in chemical, pharmaceutical, and food production.
  • Heat Recovery: Innovative solutions for recovering heat generated during processes to optimize energy efficiency.
  • Specialized Industrial Refrigeration Systems: Cryogenic systems for industries requiring operations at extremely low temperatures.

Air Treatment and Pollution Control

In the domain of air treatment and pollutant removal, Clauger excels in providing advanced solutions tailored to various chemical processes. Our offerings include:

  • Pollution Reduction: Systems to minimize environmental impact, capturing and treating waste gases.
  • Air Monitoring: Implementation of sensors and monitoring devices to ensure safe environmental conditions.
  • Air Recycling and Energy Savings: Solutions for air treatment and recycling to reduce energy consumption.
  • CO2 Capture and Treatment: Addressing challenges related to greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Air Quality Control: Filters and purification systems for a safe working environment.
  • Humidity Control: Advanced systems to maintain specific humidity levels.
  • Industrial Ventilation: Systems for effective air exchange in working environments.
  • Digital Solutions: Innovative digital tools for enhanced management and control of air treatment processes.

Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation
Clauger Technofrigo aims to provide sustainable and innovative solutions in industrial refrigeration and energy efficiency. Our tailored solutions ensure optimal performance while minimizing environmental impact. With a focus on technical excellence and customer-centric design, we offer unparalleled expertise and global support in industrial manufacturing solutions.


  • Gas Compression
  • Well gas compression
  • Compression for gas injection
  • Compression for pipeline transmission
  • Natural gas compression
  • Flare gas compression/recovery
  • Sour gas handling


  • Gas re-liquefaction
  • Gas gathering
  • Fuel boosters for gas turbine and engines
  • Gas treatment
  • Chiller unit packages and gas-turbine air inlet cooling systems
  • The Boil-off Process
  • Compressor Flexibility

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Clauger’s Energy team of combines purpose and innovation to deliver efficient solutions, designed by our experts, including the use of variable-speed and flow/power adjustment methods to manage varying inlet conditions supplied by the utility provider. Clauger’s teams do all of this to suit the specific needs while also creating potential OPEX savings in the long-term.

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Discover Clauger’s innovative solutions at ACHEMA 2024 in Frankfurt, June 10-14. Engage with our experts in chemical, energy, and environmental solutions. Visit our booth to explore innovative products and collaborative opportunities with our partner Kapp.

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Clauger announces acquisition of the Valtria Group, recognized specialists and suppliers of turnkey cleanroom solutions.

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