Your challenges

Optimize energy efficiency, decarbonize your processes

Manufacturers want to limit the negative impact of their activities on the environment.

Companies are now committed to demonstrating their focus on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and sustainable development initiatives to reconcile economic, social, and environmental concerns.

In practice, this means consuming less fossil energy, recycling, and reusing everything that can be recovered, and integrating valuable resources into a sustainable ecosystem.

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Since 2017 ….

Clauger has saved its customers

Equivalent of 23,000 Tons of CO2!

This equals 123,648,000 km traveled by plane, 119,163,000 by car, and 1,242,000 days of heating for one house!

124 GWh of energy saved

1,600 industrial sites

are now connected to MyPortal3E with energy performance monitoring and E-Service contracts.

Your challenges

Ensure product quality & safeguard the environment

We can support manufacturers who are committed to quality products while guaranteeing the safety of people and preserving the environment

Ensure the sustainability of facilities and improve your plant’s ROI

Clauger helps manufacturers control operating costs and provides the opportunity to benefit from specialized expertise.

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