Bitumen Industry

Since 2007, Clauger has developed a range of solutions for the bitumen industry, tailored to three main activities:

  • Bitumen storage facilities 
  • Binder or emulsion production 
  • Asphalt mixing plants 

Clauger’s added value lies in its ability to turn challenges into opportunities by addressing emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), sulfur compounds, hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), and odors in the atmosphere while reducing the environmental footprint of the production site and decarbonizing it.

Over 90% of the systems serviced by Clauger are connected, enabling continuous air quality monitoring through the Expoll platform and tracking of unit performance and availability via the MyPortal3E platform.

Clauger has successfully executed over twenty projects in France and across Europe, serving some of the largest players in the bitumen industry.

Clauger propose une ensemble de solutions de traitement des COV pour chaque étape de fabrication du bitume

First Stage: Bitumen Storage

The first stage involves receiving the raw material from petroleum refineries and storing it in tanks. To prevent solidification, this raw material is stored at a temperature of 180°C.

Clauger handles the ventilation (approximately 500 m3/h) during the unloading process, which represents between 300 and 800 tons of products per hour.

Clauger also manages the tank ventilation once they are filled. In this case, our installation adapts to a flow rate 100 times lower.

Thanks to optimized processes and Clauger’s expertise, the Bitumen Skid made by Clauger is designed to use the same installation for both applications.

This application is also suitable for truck loading.

Second Stage: Binder or Emulsion Production

Binder and emulsion facilities operate 24 hours a day, unlike the first step.

This application involves low airflow rates ranging from 50 to 500 m3/h. Bitumen Skids are designed to handle these low airflow rates, as well as the high concentration of particulates.

Clauger’s objective is to treat the air from vents during unloading and truck filling, as well as when the tanks are at rest. Clauger’s added value lies in its expertise in air flow management and its ability to adapt to each client’s specific processes.

Key Points! 

Thanks to efficient control and air flow optimization, the consumption of activated carbon is 30 to 50 times lower than traditional solutions.

The Return on Investment (ROI) for Clauger’s Bitumen Skid is less than 2 years, often as low as 1 year, when compared to a treatment solution using only activated carbon.

Third Stage: Asphalt Mixing

At this stage, aggregates are added to the binder to produce asphalt for roads.

Clauger’s solution addresses two main needs: first, it treats the loading area of asphalt trucks, and secondly, it addresses the top of the hopper and the binder storage area.

The EcoTCA solution, a carbon scrubber made by Clauger, is designed to handle high airflow rates with low VOC concentrations.

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