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Clauger Chile is a family business specializing in industrial refrigeration and air treatment for the food and industrial sectors.

Since 2018, Clauger has been established in Chile in order to support its customers at every stage of their project. Indeed, Clauger integrates the entire value chain: design, manufacture, installation, service and assistance in the operation of their production tool.

Clauger is an international company with over 50 years of experience. Clauger continues its international development and is present in more than 100 countries.

Today, our network of global locations allows us to offer our customers a 360° offer and innovative, specific solutions adapted to the needs of each customer. Clauger Chile contributes to the development of Clauger in the LATAM zone.


Your markets

Select your industry to discover our 360° offer – suited to your needs

Your challenges

Ensure product quality & safeguard the environment

We can support manufacturers who are committed to quality products while guaranteeing the safety of people and preserving the environment

Optimize energy efficiency, decarbonize your processes

Clauger is committed to creating energy-efficient and environmentally friendly factories

Ensure the sustainability of facilities and improve your plant’s ROI

Clauger helps manufacturers control operating costs and provides the opportunity to benefit from specialized expertise.

Nos savoir-faire

Our expertise

Clauger supports our clients based on their individual needs. Our goal is to ensure each customer has the support they need now and, in the future, —all over the planet. To ensure this, we have developed a range of complementary solutions and skills that we can use together or integrate over time:

  • Industrial Refrigeration
  • Process Air Treatment
  • Emissions & Energy Recovery, Treatment
  • A 360° Approach: our long-term commitment

Our business

From engineering to manufacturing, and from installation and maintenance to training and operation assistance, we play a comprehensive role in our customers’ value chain.

Thanks to our local and regional service—as well as the digital tools we’ve developed—we can facilitate the monitoring of our customers’ equipment and facilities while guaranteeing optimal performance over the long term.


News & insights

Valtria by Clauger signature


Clauger announces acquisition of the Valtria Group, recognized specialists and suppliers of turnkey cleanroom solutions.

Signature Clauger + Soteck


Clauger and Soteck continue their strategic partnership to generate value for employees, clients & partners.

Une référence en matière de Gestion des Flux d'air


In its March-April 2022 issue, the magazine Profession Fromager featured a story on the Chêne Vert cheesemaking facility.

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