ATEX-certified pressurized container – zone 1

This compact and easy-to-install container design allow Clauger to incorporate a “safety bubble” within an explosive environment. The container can house machine rooms, industrial equipment, or offices. This solution provides an attractive, cost-effective opportunity for SEVESO sites or ATEX* zones.

What is a pressurized container or container certified ATEX – zone 1?
Benefits of pressurized container units:

  • 100% autonomous solution
  • Installation in ATEX zone (SEVESO)
  • Built-in fan & filtration to compensate for door leakage rate
  • Built-in fire dampers
  • Internal heater to control room temperature.
  • Airlock (SAS) and vestibule area.
  • Integrated safety systems (pressurization & ventilation)
  • Emergency exit

The Clauger Box is a hermetically sealed unit, pressurized and ventilated to ensure air renewal. This unit includes an airlock system in the vestibule controlled and secured by an alarm system.
The Clauger Box has been certified ATEX—zone 1 (Ex p), which means that explosive conditions can occur during normal operations.

A so-called “safety bubble” can contain any equipment regardless of whether it is required to be ATEX. This approach significantly reduces CAPEX for an installation.

What happens in the event of an emergency?
In the case of an emergency (e.g., solvent spill), two levels of safety are in place:

  • First Alarm Triggered: Activation of exhaust fan and over-ventilation.
  • Second Alarm Triggered: Power supply cut-off to non-ATEX compliant equipment.

*Atmosphère Explosibles from the French for Explosive Atmospheres.
*Depending on their degree of dangerousness (zones 0, 1, 2).


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