Using Odor Treatment for Decarbonization

Manufacturers often view odor treatment investments as costly and difficult to measure or justify. Clauger aims to change the way manufacturers approach odor treatment, transforming odor emissions into opportunities and using them as a means to decarbonize industrial sites.


Clauger’s main challenge is to TREAT & RECOVER odors and air emissions. This can be achieved through various approaches:

1. Energy Recovery: hot and/or humid atmospheric emissions contain waste heat, which can be recovered and then reused.

For odor treatment projects that generate a considerable amount of heat in the process, it is possible to recover some of that heat and use it to power other processes. This can provide the opportunity to earn money while deodorizing or save money on installation costs by financing the installation with an ROI lower than 1 year.

2. Use of Recovered Products & By-Products: The recovery of products or by-products from the emission treatment process can be considered in some cases.

3. Socio-Environmental Approach: Odor treatment from a Socio-Environmental perspective is an air quality improvement strategy for industrial facilities that want to cohabit peacefully with the local businesses or residential communities. It allows manufacturers to improve their brand image in the eyes of their employees, neighbors, customers or even local authorities and associations. Odor treatment aligns with a corporate approach to social and environmental responsibility.

From an environmental perspective, it is important for Clauger to consider the carbon footprint of its odor treatment solutions. Odor treatment solutions can be energy intensive, consume large amounts of reagents and have a huge carbon impact; they are also often unrelated to the production process and have poor overall performance.

Clauger’s odor treatment approach combines real-time assessed odor risks with required air quality levels.

Clauger’s Offer

Clauger offers three main products to address, manage, and optimize odor treatment processes for industrial sites:

>> EcoTCA: An activated carbon adsorption treatment unit that uses various modules to reduce the amount of active carbon consumed while guaranteeing continuous performance and results.

>> MyClaugerDetect, a certified Solar Impulse Solution: A continuous deodorization monitoring and control system designed to reduce the use of consumables (reagents) and utilities (electricity, gas and water) while still meeting odor performance indicators. Learn more

>> Expoll: An odor crisis management system for industrial sites in France for over 20 years. Expoll offers an integrated solution that measures both the perceived odor impact and the calculated impact of odors from an atmospheric modeling perspective. Learn more