Clauger Launches Console, a New PSM Application that Elevates Process Safety with Precision and Control

Console 1.0 is out and ready to use for Process Safety Management


[Jacksonville, FL] – [August 15th, 2023] – Clauger, a leading provider of process safety solutions, today announced the launch of Console, a new PSM application that elevates process safety with precision and control. Console is a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that helps organizations and streamline safety management, to comply with IIAR 9, OSHA and EPA.

Clauger Console PSM Software

“We are excited to launch Console, which we believe is the most advanced PSM application on the market,” said Ben Sealy, Director of Engineering & PSM at Clauger. “Console provides a comprehensive and centralized platform for managing all aspects of process safety, from risk assessment and hazard identification to incident tracking and compliance management. With Console, organizations can take a proactive approach to safety and ensure their industrial processes are as safe as possible and up to date.”

Console features a number of innovative capabilities that help organizations elevate their process safety, including:

  • PSM Management
  • Management of change Builder (MOC)
  • Unlimited Cloud storage for PSM library
  • Asset Management
  • Robust security and data protection
  • Support 24/7

Clauger Console PSM Software

“Clauger Console is a powerful tool that can help organizations elevate their process safety to new heights,” said Ben Sealy. “We invite organizations to schedule a demo to see for themselves how Console can help them improve their safety performance.”

Clauger Console MOC

Call for a demo today:


(844)-clauger (844)-253-8437

or contact  console@clauger.app

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