Clauger’s EcoCTA is a circular air handling unit constructed in food grade, resistant materials of construction. This product provides both hygienic conditions and energy savings for manufacturers. This unit provides the correct temperature, pressurization and air filtration while also controlling humidity and condensation inside manufacturing sites.
The EcoCTA is designed to condition recirculated air and outside air during production. Offering flexibility between production and cleaning modes, the unit supplies 100% outside air during cleaning to ensure moisture and cleaning products are purged during washing. The customized air handling units can be designed to meet your specific needs, with complete flexibility in design and a wide array of optional components:

  • Production Mode: Recirculated Air + Outside Air
  • Wash Mode: 100% Outside Air + Exhaust
  • FreeCooling mode: Variable mix of Recirculated Air + Outside Air

The unit casing is fully welded. This ensures a smooth interior finish to avoid water retention and mold or bacteria growth. The EcoCTA ranges in airflow from 1,000 CFM to 25,000 CFM.


Using an EcoCTA unit, our teams quickly helped a client increase the shelf life of fresh, preservative-free prepared meals from 6 to 16 days. This highlights the overall objective of the EcoCTA solution: reliability and customer satisfaction.

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