The SMO E-compact tunnel is aimed at all food manufacturers who need product cooling, freezing, or drying. It can be used for continuous or batch processing. The tunnel is part of an approach that strives to “consume less” and to “consume better.”

Why Smart and Connected?
The E-compact tunnel is the first system on the market that incorporates the notion of the “COP Process.” It is equipped with embedded intelligence, which enables it to optimize its operation through data.
This system is equipped with sensors that monitor the real-time performance of the equipment and allows operators to take preventative action. It has sensors that measure the amount of water loss, the cooling power, and cumulated power (kW/hour/ton). Depending on its benchmarks, the manufacturer monitors performance indicators for energy, quality, hygiene, and performance.

Why Compact?
This automated solution is ready to install and seamlessly integrate into a production line. It can easily adapt to changing production requirements because of its small footprint, and it is highly flexible due to its modular design.
Made in Clauger, it’s manufactured and assembled by us, tested in our workshops, and delivered as one plug-and-play solution ready to install on a production line.

SMO E-Compact

Our feedback shows that with the SMO e-compact tunnel, manufacturers achieve up to 20% energy savings and a 20% reduction in water consumption used for washdown.

Julien M. – Director, SMO

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