Clauger Design Solution: Customer Need Drives Evolution of SMO Hygienic Design

Clauger recently customized its SMO tunnel to meet a customer’s needs who was cooling and freezing sensitive products, like raw pizza.

Pizzas fraiches

The manufacturer’s requests included eliminating water after the washing phase to limit bacteriological development, particularly that of listeria. Clauger’s expertise in designing, manufacturing, and installing SMO systems allowed us to adapt and create solutions that fit our customer’s specific needs.


This success story is about understanding our client’s needs and customizing our products to meet them. In this case, we improved the level of food safety & hygiene.


Moteurs inox IP69k
Integration of IP69k stainless steel motors

New features on the SMO Tunnel included iP69k stainless steel motors, which can withstand frequent and intensive cleaning. Food-grade lubricant was also used to avoid potential toxicity should the lubricant come into accidental contact with the product or its packaging (FDA and 3A compliant).



Module d'air neuf conçu et fabriqué par Clauger
Fresh air module designed and manufactured by Clauger

Clauger also integrated a drying cycle after the washing phase to remove excess water and avoid bacteria growth. We did this using a fresh air module made in Clauger.




Plateforme d'accès sécurisée
Secure access platform

Clauger installed e-Streaming sensors to guarantee correct pressurization during production mode and avoid cross-contamination risks. Clauger also revamped the design of the SMO Tunnel’s access platform to optimize the tunnel’s cleaning and assure the safety of operating personnel.