SMO spiral tunnel – Made in Clauger

Food and bakery production lines rely on a stable process to deliver flavorful, high-quality products to end consumers. The SMO Spiral Tunnel, a product Made in Clauger, allows for either continuous or in-line cooling, deep-freezing, and proofing processes.

SMO solutions are engineered specific to your process and assembled turnkey by our specialized teams with over 50 years of experience. Designed with modularity in mind, SMO systems fit seamlessly into many food processing systems and lines for optimal freezing, cooling, and proofing results.


The SMO Product Range Includes:

  • Compact Tunnels: from 550 to 2,200 lbs./hour
  • Fast Cooling or Freezing Tunnels: temperatures from -40° to +50°F (-40°C, +10°C) and up to 8,800 lbs./hr.
  • Proofing Tunnels: temperatures from +85°F to +105°F (+28°C, +40°C) and up to 6,600 lbs./hr.


SMO’s mission is to provide added value to its customers in the following ways:

1. Technical Expertise

  • In-house design and manufacturing of mechanical conveyor systems to guarantee quality and reliability
  • Airflow and climate designed by our experts to ensure hygiene and optimal performance
  • Energy optimization of the systems to reduce operating costs


2. Local Support

  • A service network of technicians present in 15 countries.
  • Digital monitoring & optimization tools for distance support.
  • A team of experts dedicated to audits and customer support.


3. Custom-Made Designs

  • Custom engineering & controls for product handling, performance tracking
  • Monobloc equipment, modular design
  • On-site assembly


SMO in Numbers


25 employees

20 central drums per year

250 installations

2 available technologies: Direct Drive & Friction Drive