Improve the preservation and quality of your fruit with rapid cooling

Rapid cooling of post-harvest fruit improves the preservation over time, as well as the organoleptic qualities of fruit.

This rapid cooling step can be done after sorting or before shipping and is ideal for red fruits, kiwis, and mangoes.

Cellule fruits

For many years, Clauger has developed an expertise in refrigeration processes, enabling the development of cooling cells explicitly designed for fruits (kiwis, red fruits, mangoes).
The post-harvest cooling of fruit has several advantages:

  • Optimum flavor of the fruit to be maintained. The rapid-cooling stage is crucial for certain fruit varieties (e.g., yellow kiwi, red fruit, and mangoes)
  • A reduction of risk for cold-related diseases (e.g., the development of botrytis in kiwifruit and red fruit)
  • The anticipation of temperature-related issues during transport, especially maritime transport.
  • Operational flexibility with faster rotations. This stage can be carried out after calibration or before shipping.

Rapid cooling cells are an ideal technology for some exported fruit. This approach helps to maintain the quality during transport. This is especially important for maritime transportation, where temperature fluctuations can significantly damage the produce