HEE Fast Cooling Tunnel

The fast cooling tunnel, technology to reduce cooling times for food products

Clauger developed fast cooling tunnels that ensure the continuous cooling of products.

These tunnels, as designed by Clauger, combine:

  • An isolated crate made out of isotherm panels.
  • A cooling system that includes a set of refrigerant exchange batteries and ventilation turbines.
  • Sealing elements encouraging an air movement on the products
  • A conveyor mechanic (roller, chain and belt conveyors, ect.)
  • The set is controlled by a regulatory automation designed by Clauger

The recent developments at Clauger focused on energy saving. They influenced Clauger to work on ventilation stations, on impermeability and on the controlling of the installations.

These improvements can be implemented on existing installations. They allow to reduce power consumption by up to 20%. Superior gains can be achieved when the facility operates at a reduced rate.

  • Clauger conception of fast cooling tunnel

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