Design’Air combines numerical simulation and engineering expertise to help you understand and identify improvements in your operations.

Aeraulic or CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation can be used to characterize air flows, rates of heat exchange, and other essential aspects of a room’s performance.

Clauger can accurately and efficiently address a wide variety of scenarios in terms of:

  • Product quality: identify homogeneity of air conditions surrounding the products.
  • Product safety: identify critical areas throughout the production process.
  • Personnel Safety: identify working conditions of personnel, comfort levels, and emission risks (dust, fumes).
  • Energy: optimize and balance air flows and improve heating & cooling cycle times.

Clauger experts assess the different scenarios and recommend the most optimized thermo-aeraulic solution. This allows Clauger teams to commit to a result in the design phase, adapt the defined solution to implementation constraints, or anticipate the impacts of an installation modification.

In a co-development project with Clauger, we can prove the diffusion design through aeraulic tests on a 1:0 scale model.


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