Now offering Saber Fluids premium oils by Clauger

Clauger is pleased to introduce Saber Fluids, our collection of premium quality oils. Our strict specifications ensure that Saber Fluids are produced to the highest quality standards for first-class performance and durability in ammonia refrigeration compressors.

Saber Fluids Tagline

Clauger offers two types of compressor oils:
1. Clauger # 18 – premium semisynthetic hydro-treated oil designed for ammonia applications. Recommended for suction temperatures of -60°F and above.

2. 2. Clauger # 22 – polyalphaolefin synthetic hydrocarbon-based lubricant for low temperature ammonia applications. Recommended for suction temperatures of -80°F and above.

Features & Benefits:
• High flash points
• Low moisture content
• Low pour points to resist congealing in condensers and evaporators
• Exceptionally wax free
• Excellent resistance to chemical degradation
• Excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability
• Chemically stable at designed operating conditions
• Protects against rust and corrosion
• Good foam resistance
• Highest quality ensuring lubricity at designed operating temperatures and pressures
• Resistant to high temperature breakdown
• Formulated to proper viscosities for specific applications
• Seal treatment additive

Saber Fluids meets the performance requirements of major manufacturers of ammonia refrigeration compressors and it compatible with any ammonia system or compressor. It is not recommended for use with CFC, HCFC or HFC refrigerants such as R-12 or R-22.

Clauger has other Saber Fluids lubricants available for more applications. Click here to learn more.