Consuming less & Consuming better : Clauger supports a path to zero emissions

Clauger hosted a webinar, in collaboration with the French association Process Alimentaire, on manufacturing quality food safely and efficiently. The webinar was entitled “Controlling Air Around Your Products & Creating a Zero Emissions Factory”.

Green label - Clauger

???? Watch the webinar, co-hosted by Stéphane Alajarin & David Huffschmidt:

Summary: The food industry is entering a new era, and consumers seek ‘clean’ and ‘green’ products. Climate initiatives and rising energy costs are also pushing industrial operations to optimize and reduce their use of resources. Manufacturers must confront these challenges and adapt quickly as a result.
Manufacturers have taken steps to upgrade their cooling and heating systems in recent years. These upgrades allow them to anticipate the increase in energy costs and regulatory compliance related to climate change initiatives.
Digitalization and data analysis contribute significantly to the goal of optimization and open new possibilities. Clauger understands this and has been using data to address these challenges for several years.
To address the rising cost of energy, manufacturers can participate in a logic of decarbonization and aim for performance and energy efficiency by taking several measures; these measures include:

  • “Consume Less”: reduce their energy consumption & limit the carbon footprint of each factory
  • “Consume Better”: update precise manufacturing processes to ensure product safety and quality.
  • Commit to a performance-based approach & instill continuous improvement cultures into each of their factories

Clauger can support you, step by step, in constructing your plant’s roadmap using a 360° vision that integrates energy optimization, product quality, and environmental impact of your plant.