Clauger 3E, Clauger's R&D "Lab"

Like an agile startup, Clauger 3E is a pioneer in data, IoT (Internet of Things), and AI (artificial intelligence) technologies. It offers disruptive digital solutions via an innovative toolkit for the Clauger ecosystem.


MyPortal3E is a cloud-based platform developed by Clauger 3E. This numerical platform combines the power of digital technologies and collective intelligence to reinforce our market leadership and achieve performance goals in three key areas: Energy, Environmental & Sustainability.

A key challenge of this in-house Lab is to transform Clauger’s historical products into intelligent, connected solutions. This evolution integrates Clauger’s expertise and solutions for “Clean Label” and “Green Label” approaches and links all stakeholders of a manufacturing site. This allows Clauger to spread its high-value-added expertise throughout the world.

The Clauger 3E team constantly communicates with users, encouraging them to contribute to the product by building user communities and increasing their skills.
Clauger 3E’s solutions and products include:

MyPortal3E: harnessing the power of digital & collective intelligence
A powerful platform for data gathering and analysis, MyPortal3E provides maximum added value by integrating a whole range of functionalities around environmental issues and the societal impact of an industrial site.

Expoll: France’s leading odor monitoring app
Expoll allows manufacturing sites to operate in harmony with the surrounding communities, avoiding complaints, nuisance, or even litigation due to emissions and odors caused by your production. This tool assesses a manufacturing site’s odor and emission levels by aggregating meteorological data, measurement sensors, and input from local citizens.
This application, combined with an odor treatment system, manages and prevents the emission of harmful pollution or nuisance odors into the atmosphere.
Clauger 3E offers help through mediation and establishes relationships with the local or affected parties for more challenging scenarios. This enables the community to move beyond the crisis and reach a consensus on how to improve the situation.

MyClaugerDetect: Enhancing Your Performance with Artificial Intelligence
MyClaugerDetect (MCD) is a range of products combined into one digital plug-and-play solution adapted for all types of systems and sites. This non-intrusive tool easily connects and uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. It measures, monitors, and evaluates the risk or presence of harmful emissions, refrigerant leaks, and overall air quality. It combines real-time data from different sources (such as atmospheric, process-related, and data from residents—Clauger Expoll) to determine the risk level based on the detected air quality. Using machine learning and aggregated data, the tool communicates with the installation to ensure optimal long-term performance.