The Stacker, A New Solution in The SMO by CLAUGER Freezer Range

The Stacker is the latest addition to SMO’s freezer range. This solution complements existing models equipped with friction drive & direct drive technologies. Like other products in the SMO by CLAUGER range, The Stacker provides continuous freezing & cooling for fresh, raw, and packaged products, across all markets.

The “stacker” technology, as the name suggests, involves stacking belts on top of each other, with the help of perforated support edges to allow air to pass through the belts.

Real benefits of this new solution include:

Increase Capacity by up to 30%

Using stackable belts, it is possible to fit more belts and product with the stacker than with friction drive and direct drive designs.

Comparing Solutions:
Friction drive and direct drive technologies allow for a 3.2-meter clearance from the entrance to the exit of a tunnel comprising 20 coils and a product height of 65mm. Stacker technology, on the other hand, allows for a 2-meter clearance.

This makes it possible to add 12 additional coils — a 60% increase in capacity — and install the stacker-equipped tunnel in a more restricted environment while maintaining the same capacity.

Hygienic equipment & simplified cleaning operations.

The belt stacking technology eliminates the need for a belt conveyor system, eliminating inaccessible contamination zones. This reduces overall washing time, and water consumption needed during cleaning.

➡ Realize energy savings by reducing consumption of exhaust fan motors

SMO by CLAUGER systems integrate horizontal airflow, which creates less pressure drop than vertical airflow when cooling products. A study has shown that this blowing mode is one of the least energy-consuming in the market.

Other unique features include:
➡ Ease of servicing or replacing parts of the conveyor belt.
➡ Ability to reverse the belt for easy removal in under 2 hours.

SMO’s Stacker is the solution for any product load or hygiene challenges linked to sensitive products.

Clauger’s new technology provides food manufacturers with adapted solutions that help ensure a Clean Label and Green Label factory.