New digital technologies are being used to take the service profession into the future.

An ‘E-Visit’ service is an example of how new predictive maintenance services can help industrial sites optimize their operations.

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What is E-visit?

The E-visit is a functional analysis of an installation carried out by a remote Clauger technician. It is available to ‘connected customers’ with Clauger’s MyPortal3E* Portal.


Our E-visit service is provided monthly. During this visit, a technician or expert analyzes the performance and conditions of your installation using the data and information collected in the portal.

The E-Visit aims to analyze the installation and check a specific set of metrics. The technician will analyze the behavior of the curves and overall system performance, diagnosing and resolving deviations or failures as needed.

A digital flash audit can be done in parallel to regular E-Visits. This audit provides a report on the energy efficiency of an installation. It can be used to recommend corrective actions or optimizations to increase the system’s efficiency.

This service does not replace on-site visits, which are still necessary for detecting abnormal noises, traces of oil, or vibrations. However, it does provide a cost-effective solution to prevent equipment failure, plan for future investments, and improve overall system performance over time

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*a proprietary digital platform based on collective artificial intelligence.