Clauger France now offering insulated panel services

Additional expertise for a turnkey solution

Activité panneaux

Clauger’s ambition is to provide maximum added value to its customers. Clauger has integrated insulated panel activity into its range of services for the French market to better reach this goal.

Thanks to a dedicated team and branches throughout France, Clauger provides construction and renovation services for structural insulation panels (SIP), or sandwich panels, for cold storage rooms. Insulated panels ensure that cold storage rooms are maintained at the correct temperature and that no air is lost, ensuring product safety and energy efficiency.

Clauger also offers the design and installation of insulated panels for machine rooms, ductwork and HVAC systems, and fire-resistant walls and siding. Our teams customize your installation to ensure the size and layout meet your exact needs. We can also provide custom options such as additional sound dampening and higher R-values if needed.

Thanks to the integration of the panel business, Clauger offers customers a true 360 solution for their facility. With more than 50 locations in France, Clauger can provide support at every step: from design, manufacturing, and installation of panels to after-sales service..


Activité panneaux Activité panneaux Activité panneaux