Solutions for Liquid Effluent Management

Clauger assisted an industrial in the management of its liquid effluents, emanating from its air decontamination installation

It had a twofold objective:

  • Ensure the proper functioning of the treating installation, while recycling the water used for cleaning by continuous filtration (recirculation of the water in the system to increase the load of liquids containing highly corrosive pollutants and to save on water consumption).

A test of the filtration has been set up with a band filter prototype, designed by Clauger and entirely made out of plastic.

This trial lead to the manufacturing and installation of a motorized and automated filter, enabling to filter the filtration of the total volume of re-circulating liquids, at a flow of 8 m3/h.

  • To limit the financial impact of the liquid waste disposal by installing a very economic, reliable and robust solution, for the neutralization of the liquid effluent loaded with hydrochloric acid and acetic acid (approx. 0.6 pH).

Solution implemented

The solution consisted of using a series of 3 tanks measuring 1 cubic meter each, filled with marble that is transformed into gravel.

As the liquid flows through the gravel, the acid will dissolve the marble and neutralize (calcium chloride and calcium acetate will form).

At the end of the cycle, the liquid effluent are at a pH rate located between 5,5 and 6. The liquid effluents may then be rejected in the production plant’s wastewater collection system, instead of being disposed.

With this solution, the estimated savings made by the client are significant; approximately 700€ per operating day.

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