Retrofit of an installation operating with R22

Retrofit of an installation using R22


A client wished to replace its existing iced water production facilities, which were functioning with R22 gas.

Client’s requirements:

The new installation had to operate with an environmentally friendly and clean fluid: either NH3 or CO2.

The facility must be installed outdoor (no machine room).

The client wished to be able to measure and to monitor the energy consumption directly from the device.

Clauger’s solution:

Clauger designed, manufactured and installed:

  • 3 Clauger EcoSkids functioning with a very low NH3 load (approximately 25kg (55 lbs) per machine). The equipments are immured and designed for an outdoor use. They are equipped with an NH3 leak detection and a safety ventilation system.
  • To respond to the needs in energy monitoring, Clauger offered an energy analyzer: the Opti+ combined with follow-up services and the analysis of the data, as integrated into the maintenance contract.

Specific features to highlight:

Thus, Clauger provided this client with a 900 kW refrigerating production facility using an approximate NH3 load of 73kg (165 lbs).


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