CVS air conditioners range

Clauger recently developed the manufacturing of CVS chambers used in meat drying processes for cured meat, dried sausages and ham.

in particular in Meat Salting, sterilizing applications and dryers for sausages and dry ham processes.

The standing stainless steel sets includes:

* Manufactured tubular base frame and a mechanically welded 304L stainless steel jacket
* Duct-type blowing and air regain
* Ventilation on EC turbine with speed variation
* Ground set-up, directly in the premises or machine room.

Possible options: PP / PE / PEHD body

This box satisfies the required criteria for drying processes:
* Low congestion
* duct-type blowing and air resumption
* hygienic design and the choice of compatible materials with the applied cleaning procedures

This conditioner system offer air conditioning solutions that may be used on other similar installations:
* Fruits and vegetables market (maturation)
* Other batch drying processes (apricots, mushrooms)

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