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Particle decontamination and the recovery of energy on grain dryers.



The air rejections of the grain dryers are hot, very humid and contains follicle.

The industrial’s objectives:

  • Solve an issue of particle decontamination on very large volumes of rejected air (depending on the machinery, from 80,000 to 500,000 m3/h), transporting large quantities of clogging dust.
  • Not to produce any by-products requiring a destruction or dumping
  • Financing this decontamination installation with the energy gains achieved


Solution implemented by Clauger:

Clauger designed a solution based on the cyclonic air exchanger system, which has for particularity to purify the air.

From its entry, the hot, humid and polluted air is cooled when in contact with the tubes (condensation).

The dried particles are trapped by a choc effect on the humid surface.

The droplets formed from this process and removed from the tubes by centrifugal force, are thrown against the walls and clean the exchanger (self-cleaning).

Without the need for maintenance, nor consumable, accepting hot rejections, the Aireco cyclone is an excellent energy recovery unit.



The solution suggested by Clauger had a beneficial effect on the environment, the health and the comfort of the neighboring residents.

The cyclonic technology does not create waste. Inversely, it enables to recover the organic particles and to increase their value.

The cyclone exempts the owner from regular filter maintenance.

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