Stainless steel ACCES double flow for cheese making industry

Clauger has recently supplied a cheese making plant with its new stainless steel double flow conditioners for cheese processing rooms.

These double flow conditioners are part of fast cooling processing stage in the 200 m3 room (high rate of 135 volume/hour and strong ventilation like Tunnel effect).

Clauger has installed 2 Access double flow conditioners of 13.500 m3/h (18,000 m3/h of maximum flow rate) equiped with cold exchanger with stainless steel shell and tubes.

Focus on Access Double Flow

The double flow air conditioner, designed by Clauger, allows temperature and hygrometry control (from 75 to 98% of HR) in the processing rooms.

The equipment working hours can range from 4,500 to 45,000 m3/h.

Reversible air flow

Access Double Flow is supplied with helical fans, mounted directly on motors. Air flow is reversible, that is :

  • Lateral blowing with central air inlet
  • Air inlet from lateral sides and central outlet directed downwards

Double flow ceiling fixed air conditioner diffuses the air above the areas to be conditioned thus optimizing the useful surfaces and the height.

Drying mode

The used materials allow its use in aggressive environments. Conditioner equipped with cold and hot exchanger which ensure the humidity removal.

Easy access and hygienic

Design inspired from ACCESS H, it is distinguished by its high easy access and hygienic design: all components are washable with the foam gun


  • Stainless steel ACCES double flow for cheese making industry

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