Save money by suppressing foul odours and respecting the planet

One plant, zero discharge

Clauger is committed to industries that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. With our customers, we design efficient solutions for treating their atmospheric discharges. Our objective is to move towards “zero discharge”.

In practice, a Breton industrialist received repeated complaints from the neighbourhood for several years. The cause: the odour of the atmospheric discharges from the industrial site.

The challenge for Clauger was to be able to reconcile the well-being of the population while still maintaining the economic activity of an industrial site in the vicinity.

In this context, Clauger has imagined and developed a customised solution that includes: Optimised odour treatment + energy recovery + a Performance Commitment over 6 years via CPEE (Energy and Environmental Efficiency Performance Contract).

In comparison with a conventional deodorisation unit (excluding energy), the industrial site reduced its operating costs by 90% and divided its Carbon footprint by 30.

The key point here is: 

The CLAUGER installation makes it possible to:

  • reduce CO2 emissions (reduction in the use of activated carbon),
  • ensure the quality of the air discharged into the atmosphere,
  • ensure the well-being of the residents and employees,
  • optimise operating costs by reducing the energy bill.

The solution proposed by Clauger:

It is in this context that Clauger was able to propose an air treatment system making it possible to:

  • Reduce gas consumption on their dryer (heating up to +70°C)
  • Optimise the use of terminal filtration according to the weather (activated carbon: Cost / CO2 / risk)
  • Provide a 20% grant thanks to the CEE (Energy Savings Certificates)
  • Ensure a commitment to results on operating costs and the satisfaction of the residents
  • Extend this guarantee for 5 years thanks to an Energy and Environmental Efficiency Performance Contract of 30% and all this with the backing of the mediation specialist (Expoll, CLAUGER odour observatory).

Technical description of the Clauger solution proposed to achieve these commitments:

  • A cyclone tower made in Clauger: cooling module combined with an air scouring module
  • An activated carbon tank made in Clauger with an air bypass kit, connected to a weather station and the Portal/Expoll with Human Noses (residents, employees)
  • A cold unit made in Clauger also making it possible to produce hot water at +70°C. This hot water is used to desaturate the air at the terminal filtration inlet and to heat the air at the inlet of the dryers.

Note that: When the applications allow, the method implemented by Clauger makes it possible to recover the raw materials (essential oils, for example) and to reintegrate them into the production cycle.

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  • Unité de désodorisation et de valorisation énergétique réalisée par Clauger

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