Sausages Drying

Dried Sausages


Clauger designed an installation for drying sausages on a site that produces up to 1000T per year.

Solution implemented by Clauger

Clauger designed a new generation of air treatment hygienic crates. The crates are insulated, with inner faces made out of stainless steel, allowing them to be installed outside the rooms and ensuring they are cleanable, as wished by the client.

In these crates, a dried air is blown allowing the sausages to dry during cycles varying from 3 to 5 weeks. The condensation rate is of 52 litres per hour.

Each crate alternatively processes 2 dryer.

Clauger designed and manufactured the specific refrigerant production of these installations, associating a simultaneous production of cold and warmth.


This installation is a combination of the group expertise.

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