Heat recovery on a colza seeds crushing process for oil production.



The industrial had issues of dust and odor release.

Particularity of these releases: warm (temperature over 40°C or 104°F) and humid.

No treatment process known for this type of release. This implies that its temperature has to be lowered to be able to treat them.


Solutions implemented by Clauger:

Clauger suggested a solution that includes 2 air conditioners from the CYCLAIR range, assembled in series in the air, to lower the temperature before moving forward to the final odor treatment.

The cyclonic technology allows to respond to all needs:

  • Lower the temperature
  • Integrate a water heat recovery system that is introduced in the process

In the end, the client does not need a treatment procedure anymore.



The Clauger solution allow for recovering 1,850 kW and to eliminate odors and particles contained in the air



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