Fresh Cheese Quick Cooling

Rapid Cooling of Fresh Cheeses

Client Needs:

Cooling of fresh cheeses in minimum time below 8°C, while in the cardboard packaging.  A Polish manufacturer needed to guarantee the product quality, and ensure the arrival of the product at 8°C.

Solution implemented by Clauger: 

Clauger installed -23 C, Rapid Cooling Cells, each equipped with an “airbag” to control air flow.  The system evaporators operating with glycol water, produced by a Clauger designed and fabricated “skid in the box”, which utilized anhydrous ammonia as its primary refrigerant. The defrosting of the evaporators is accomplished with hot water.

This installation replaced a system of heat exchangers utilizing direct expansion Freon as a refrigerant.

The Rapid Cooling Cells are equipped with temperature monitoring enabling:

  • The starting and stopping of the rapid cooling cycle automatically.
  • The starting of the cooling cycle and equipment as needed for any operating Rapid Cooling Cells.

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