Quick Cooling Tunnel for Cooked Meat Pieces


Ensure the continuous quick cooling of meat pieces cooked at +60°C that are conditioned in plastic containers and assembled in pallets.

The exiting cooked products emanations release a lot of humidity and fat steam. They require to establish a cleaning procedures for the facilities / daily disinfection, after each production cycle.

Solution implemented by Clauger:

Clauger suggested an HEE cooling tunnel, that includes specific functions:

  • The daily cleaning achieved with a foam gun
  • Total accessibility: 2 human passage corridors, 2 human passage on platforms, allowing for an access to all parts of the facility and a thorough cleaning
  • A stainless steal framed conveyor with acetal hygienic strips that can be cleaned up with water.

The HEE* hygiene tunnel range allows to respond to the needs in quick cooling for the cooked meat sector and for all other cooling activities of sensitive, loose or conditioned product

* HEE: High Energy Efficiency

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