Meat Refining

Meat Refining


Clauger recently designed an air treatment installation for an innovative process: meat maturation.

The meat refining process consists of storing hind quarter of the animal in a tempered room for a definite time, while controlling for potential health hazards (bacterial contamination, deterioration and aging of the product, change of color and odor…).

The control of the environment’s hygrometry, of the temperature and the air speed allows to attain these objectives.

The meat is stored between 0°C and 10°C under an hygrometry rate of [65%-95%] during 3 to 4 weeks.

Concerning the ventilation, the installation is dimensioned to ensure a mixing rate of50 vol/h, which can be adjusted via a frequency converter.

Specific Clauger products implemented:

  • The Access Height to ensure the air conditioning and to respect hygiene conditions
  • A perforated textile duct, allowing an homogeneous air diffusion by induction
  • An Air Control Visual, an Agro interface, allowing for the control of all of the parameters necessary for the good functioning of the installation
  • A new air module (CAN) for the overpressurization of ultra-clean rooms to avoid air contamination

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