Bitumen emanations

For one of its client, a world leader in road construction, Clauger designed a solution enabling to limit the odor disturbances from a bitumen storage site located in England.

Solution implemented by Clauger

The installation as designed by Clauger under the form of a Skid in the box includes:

  • A main treatment: a cyclonic crate with an air washer operating with a chiller.
  • Adjunctive treatment: an active coal tower

Novelty: a weather station, controlled with the Air Control Visual (ACV) that manage the coal utilization or by-pass, depending on 2 criterion:

  • The wind speed (dilution)
  • The wind direction, whether it blows towards the neighbouring residents or not

By limiting the adjunctive treatment, the cost of consumables (active coal)

 is reduced.


This Skid is progressive and is designed to triple its processing power.

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