Dairy Products Cooling

Dairy Product Cooling

Clauger recently completed the entire installation for a dairy group in Saudi Arabia. 

Client Needs :

The client needed to cool dairy products, limited by the client’s use of different size of pallets in their facility.  This made the conveying of products for cooling a challenging process.

In addition, the climate in Saudi Arabia did not allow for the use of Glycol as a refrigerant.

Solution implemented by Clauger:

For faster cooling, it was obvious to Clauger that the solution was the Clauger’s Rapid Cooling Tunnel, which allowed for high energy efficiency.

When considering the conveying of product, Clauger worked in association with a partner familiar with the needs of this process to propose an innovative solution.  Their recommended solution allowed for more including the conveying and cooling of various sizes and shapes of pallets.

The partner’s tunnel design allowed for the alignment of pallets to a particular reference point. The conveying system could then manage all sizes of palletized products.  Some of the options integrated into the design were:

– Remote Control and of the Rapid Cooling Tunnel for operation and/or maintenance. This allowed for the operator controlling the conveying system and internal modules in the tunnel.

– Installation of a washing ramps in the conveying band, which was fabricated of plastic and washed down with water.

– Inclusion and implementation of lifting levers, to allow for the cleaning of the bottom side of the conveyor.


Note: For their production cooling, the “Skid in the Box’ solution, developed by Clauger was the answer to many of the client’s issues.  Clauger designed a double “Skid in the Box”, which utilized Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) allowing for improve the refrigerant accessibility and maintenance operations.  This trusted solution, allowed for an accelerated installation on site.


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