Conserve de France

Context :

Conserve de France wished to increase its storage and refrigeration capacity (process: applesauce, fruit salad, etc).

Specific constraints had to be considered:

  • The existing, non-extensible and deteriorated refrigerating equipment
  • The lack of space
  • Limited investment costs

Solution designed by Clauger

To meet the client’s expectation, the Skid in The Box solution was suggested.

It allows for:

  • Surface optimization: 1000 Kw over 30 m² (322 ft²)
  • Significantly optimizing investment costs

The installation’s specificities:

Additional advantages of the Skid in the box:

  • “plug and play” solution including all the features of a machine room (NH3 detection)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Designed to ease the maintenance process: access flap included
  • Low-noise system

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