Clean Room for Deli products

Context and need expressed by the client:

For one of its client from Britanny, Clauger designed the air treatment installation of a conditioning room for deli products made out of cooked meat.

The air ambiance sought was a clean room with a cold temperature of +2/-4 °C ( 35.6/24.8 °F). The client requirements concerned the air treatment central finishing (CTA) and the equipment cleaning.


Solution implemented by Clauger

To respond to the need of the client, Clauger proposed the furniture of a air handling unit built with isolating panels and with internal stainless steel panels.

This air handling unit is designed to avoir thermal bridging

 CTA is entirely cleanable and anti-thermal bridging. The air filtration levels cqrried out enable to attain the clean room criterion, specific to a clean room, as sought by the client.

The room is equipped with a drying cycle when it is being washed. 

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