Martin Brower, the first HQE industrial building, with a 4-stars energy efficiency rating


Clauger just achieved a refrigeration installation for Martin Brower, located near Bordeaux (department 33 : Gironde), the logistical platform will supply nearly 200 McDonald’s restaurants

La spécificité de ce projet : il s’agit d’une installation qui équipe le 1er et seul bâtiment industriel HQE, classé niveau EXCEPTIONNEL avec notamment 4 étoiles en énergie.

The unique feature of this project is that it will equip the first and only HQE industrial building. Recognized as outstanding, the building has been awarded a 4-stars rating for its energy efficiency.


Clauger’s installation  technical characteristics:

  • NH3 Production : 900 KW for a -8/-4°C MEG production with adiabatic condenser
  • CO2 production : 300 KW at -34°C
  • Heat recovery for defrosting, floor’s heating, offices’ heating, ECS production
  • One 16 000 m3 negative cold room, equipped with four isolated crates
  • One 6 300 m3, +2/+4°C cold room, equipped with 2 isolated crates
  • One 21 000 m3 +18°C dry storage, equipped with 3 single flows
  • One +2/4°C loading dock, equipped with 7 single flows
  • 2 NH3 and hydraulic skids


To know more about Martin Brower :   

McDonalds historical partner, Martin Brower is one of the restaurant’s chain main providers throughout the world. Martin Brower, a subfr/sidiary of a family business group also provides the logistics for McDonalds restaurants established in France.

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