Chemical site


The DREAL* requires a SEVESO 2 chemical site, located in an urban area to drastically reduce its polluting emissions in exchange for the approval of a production volumes increase.

Original flow entry data: 40 m3/h and 36 kg of OVC per day

Regulated objective imposed by the DREAL, for a flow of 40 m3/h and < 14kg OVC/day


Solution implemented by Clauger

Clauger initiated an alternative approach by suggesting to integrate the cyclonic technology.

To validate its approach, Clauger proceeded to 2 trials, directly connected to the process.

The goal was to identify the pollution steam pressure curve and the behavior of cyclonic separator condenser.

Considering these measures, Clauger committed itself to respect the current legislations and to reduce the flow by 60%

Clauger designed, manufactured and installed a 3 permutable exchanger skid in a very limited timeframe.



Following measurement campaigns made by an external laboratory (FDI containing gas reduction measures), the current flow is equivalent to < 4kg OVC/day, is thus equal to 90% of the global efficiency of the set of process changes.

* Organization for the control of listed sites (Organisme de Contrôle des Sites Classés)

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