A unique EcoCTA is manufactured in polypropylene with stainless steel insulation

A unique air handling unit, the EcoCTA, designed and manufactured by Clauger.

Made of polypropylene, these cylindrical units ensure hygienic conditions thanks to its smooth, circular design.  

They’re covered by a stainless steel jacket (also available in aluminum) and insulated with Armaflex to withstand aggressive outdoor conditions and improve energy efficiency.

Which applications are good for this equipment?

This unit was designed to control the air for a cheese room application.

The EcoCTA controls humidity and temperature of the air flowing down a long corridor and into the ripening rooms.

Designed for 115 kW (summer) and 85 kW (winter), 9,200 m3/h with 3 levels of filtration: G4 – F7 – H13

En savoir plus que la gamme EcoCTA Clauger

Learn more about the EcoCTA product line

  • EcoCTA Clauger en polyprpylène et isolée aevc une tôle inox
  • EcoCTA Clauger installée. Conception polypropylène, isolée avec une tôle inox

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