A CO2 and NH3 system for Bigard


A CO2 and NH3 system for Bigard


Bigard, French leader in the meat sector, asked Clauger to design an environmentally friendly refrigerating installation that complies with the current legislations.

Solution designed by Clauger

The installation was designed to supply a -50°C (-72°F) cascading C02/NH3 freezer with refrigerating energy. This system allowed to process 2000 kg (4409 lbs) of minced meat per hour. 

In this case, the installation required the usage of C02, due to the very low temperature at which it operates. C02 was selected for its environmental, energy saving, and safety performances.

The advantage of the combined C02 and NH3 cycle is that the limited loads of NH3 used are confined to the machine room. This confinement increases the staff’s safety, in case of leakage.

A heat exchanger with welded circular plates allows to condense the excess of NH3 high pressure steam.


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