The low temperature Cascade Skid (LT) NH3/CO2

Clauger offers a wide range of low-temperature refrigerating solutions, which are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The low temperature NH3/CO2 Skid’s technical characteristics:

  • Acold production unit operating with NH3, that can use up to 4 screw compressors allowing for cascading CO2 condensation
  • A distribution group of refrigerating fluid using CO2 pumps with submerged NH3 condensation

This device is suitable for manufacturers:

  • Facing an issue of space
  • Wishing a reliable and flexible solution
  • Requiring a rapid implementation process

The energy efficiency of this equipment is distinctly superior to traditional solutions. It is due to the combination of two natural fluids of high energy efficiency, that exchange their respective heat through an evaporator-condenser submerged on the NH3 side (no direct extension).

This Clauger solution is environmentally friendly due to the utilization of refrigerating fluids that do not affect the ozone layer.

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