The EcoSkid


With the EcoSkid, the latest addition to our high energy efficiency Skids product range, Clauger aims at developing environmentally friendly equipment that is versatile and that has low energy consumption rates, in order to respond to the needs of the manufacturers.

Technical features:

  • Operates with very low loads of natural fluids
  • Is part of the CES approach (Energy Saving Certification), due to the speed variation and to the control algorithm, such as HP and floating LP, heat recovery, etc.
  • Compact and suitable to various types of installations: industrial and tertiary facilities, or for low power installations.

The EcoSkid, a possible alternative sites facing:

  • An issue of space
  • The impossibility of installing a low load centralized cold production.
  • The necessity of a rapid implementation, within sight of a chiller replacement or for the installation of a new facility.

The EcoSkid, a futuristic solution, is compatible with the evolving European legislations on refrigerant fluids. It is also endowed with a remote control system, which can be used on electronic devices, such as a Smartphone, an electronic tablet or a PC.


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