Stainless Steel Conditioners

Stainless steel conditioners

Clauger offers a wide range of stainless steel air conditioners (304L and 136L), designed to control the temperature and hygrometry levels on industrial production sites.

Our range of air conditioners goes from 1000 to 50000 m3/h.

Depending on the conditioners’ usage, the engines are located either inside or outside the air flow.

Our range of products offers crates equipped with smooth tubes batteries either made out of stainless steel or finned tubes.

To be fixed on a wall or standing, the Clauger conditioners release the air by direct air blast or through textile ducts.

The access to the devices is simple in order to ease the cleaning process, which can be achieved manually or with a foam gun.

Some crates are equipped with a self-cleaning system.

Some conditioners are equipped with an air scrubber or a filtration system.

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