All around the world, the use of Carbon-based refrigerants, such as HCFC’s is being reduced in an effort to reduce the effects of Global Warming. Clauger works with you and your staff to retrofit your refrigeration and process cooling systems, while optimizing, to the greatest extent, the energy performances of your installations, in accordance to the applicable regulations. In Europe, according to the EC Regulation 1005/2009 of January 1st, 2015, on the prohibition of HCFCs usage in facilities, the retrofit of many systems, as they were designed became a requirement. Thus, Clauger will assist you in the retrofitting process of your installation regarding possible modifications to achieve.

For each study on the retrofitting of your installation, Clauger takes into consideration the physical condition of your installation: the dilapidation of the equipment, the current needs and upcoming production projects, production downtime, its environmental impact and the costs of retaining this equipment.

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