Odor Monitoring Groups

The odor monitoring groups enable the industrials to analyze the effect of odors emanating from their industrial sites on the surrounding environment.

This tool allows to correlate the psycho-chemical (sensors), meteorological (weather station), topographic and socio-psychological (residents and the level of acceptance / calculus of the olfactory discomfort) datas.

It also acts on the air treatment system in a way to achieve energy and monetary savings.

It allowed, for example, to make the following conclusions:

  • Do not use ‘’active coal’’ based terminal filtration at night (due to its effect on the people lifestyle), or when the wind’s speed is superior to 40 km/h (natural dilution = no inconvenience).
  • The number hours of utilization for the filters, when using active coal, was 10 times lower for some clients. This lead to economic gain and reduce the industrial site’s impact on the environment (the coal is active and derives from fossil-fuel raw materials, it is thus considered as a particular waste).

This approach is quickly evolving due to an increasing demand and related enquiries, namely: how to measure the actual performance? how to enhance and optimize the investments achieved in odor treatment towards the residents, town halls, authorities and potential associations?

Currently, Clauger offers the best technology available for the abatement of odors by adding, in some cases, energy recovery and/or a complete support process for its clients to enhance and maximize their energy and environmental footprint.

The odor monitoring groups allow manufacturers to follow the impact of the smells and odors detected from their industrial site, on the nearby environment.

This tool enables the user to correlate the chemical (sensors), meteorological (weather station), topographical and socio-psychological (residents perception and acceptability level / calculation of the olfactory inconvenience index) data.  

It also impacts the processing system to allow savings in energy and consumable materials cost.


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