Maintenance Contracts in Air Treatment

To ensure the availability and reliability of your production equipment, Clauger offers to take charge of the aerolic maitenance of your installations. 

With reliable indicators on the functioning of your installations your investments’ sustainability is increased. 

Clauger’s workforce is specialised in aerolic and in hygienisation. They are trained on air techniques, for the processing exigencies and air contamination. 

Clauger defines with you a personalized maintenance contract and the terms and conditions of commissioning the most adapted to your needs:

Pack Level 1, comfort and maintenance: preventive maintenance check ups that allows you to ensure the maintenance and the good functioning of your equipment

Pack Level 2, mastered comfort: combines technical follow-up of your critical equipment with the appropriate remedial corrections

Pack Level 3, total comfort: Clauger takes full charge of your installations with preventive and remedial interventions. We offer a list of emergency spare parts for cases of breakdown

Clauger’s experts issue periodic activity reports and develop an improvement and master plan for your installations.

As part of its maintenance contract, Clauger offers assistance 24/7

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