Integrated solution: NH3 installation + falling film chiller + ice tank

Clauger offers an integrated energy storage system functioning with an NH3 chiller operating at –2°C /+2°C (28.4°CF/35.6°F).

This installation supplies in flood (gravitational), with its supply pump, a plated heat exchanger, which is a network installation operating at –2°C /+2°C (28.4°F/35.6°F):

  • Submerged plates in an existing or ice tank or in another tank (built in or ‘’mobile’’ and isolated).

The ice storage capacity is optimized at a 100% rate and takes into account the backflows’ pre-cooling.

  • Plate heat exchanger or falling film chiller for the backflows pre-cooling

The advantages of the integrated solution for energy storage

  • Industrial solutions with cutting-edge technology
  • Energy efficiency
  • Lower electrical power consumption during the day (depending on the size and ice storage capacity in comparison to other needs).
  • Pre-cooling of (retours) to optimize the melting of the tank during the day
  • Flexibility of operation (accumulation + instant) allowing to increase the power provided (if the ice tank is dimensioned at nominal value).
  • Entirely new cold production installation
  • Solution intégrée Clauger d'accumulation d'énergie

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