Filtrations and Energy Savings

Clauger believes that proper maintenance and design of your air distribution systems is critical to for your refrigeration and process cooling systems.  In an effort to help you meet the desired output and performance of your systems, Clauger will provide you with the following services :

  • Air filter inspection, modification and replacement
  • Refurbishment of your aerolic installations
  • Perform regularly scheduled audits of your system performance
  • Particule count services

Clauger offers new filtration systems enabling for up to 10 to 35% in energy savings of air treatment stations’ energy consumption.

Clauger offers filter supplies of all kind: from the ‘’Gravimetric G pre-filter’’ to ‘’opacimetric F’’ and terminal H and U filters.

 Clauger’s selection, supply and installation of the proper filters helps maintain the air quality in the process, for your staff and your manufactured products. These filters reduce air handling maintenance costs and air handling unit operational costs and help generate “actual savings.”

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