E-Streaming, Clauger application for air flow control

E-Streaming is the Clauger air flow control application. It guarantees the protection of food products while controlling energy consumption.

It is a quality tracking tool, helping to control the installation and save the energy

Patented, E-Streaming allows:

  • Quality monitoring through air contamination risk management
  • System assistance through constant coherence of air flows with cascade forward movement of product processing
  • Energy savings by limiting the quantity of fresh air under positive pressure necessary for the protection of manufacturing processes

Instantly identifying, continuously tracking and optimization of air flow control in complete site

1. Measure continuously, meet audit requirements (IFS / BRC) and Quality department needs:

  • Ensure a measurement and traceability
  • Realise corrective actions in real time, anticipate the risks
  • Manage product risks

2. Optimize continuously:

During the installations operations and in case of needs, Clauger ensures the piloting of ventilation systems (blowing of fresh air under positive pressure / extraction of contaminated air) in order to limit energy consumption in real time.

Advantages and benefits:

  1. Ensure the continuous identification and traceability of airflow streams while they are currently measured from time to time (directly during the audit)
  2. Energy savings and operating costs:
  • 50% reduction of total consumption of refrigerating or heating energy used to cool or heat the fresh air.
  • Increasing (2 times) of filter life and reducing of energy consumption
  • 50% reduction of filter replacement costs and the possibility to combine more efficient Clauger Eco-Filters with the EcoCTA Clauger for hygienic new air treatment and at high energy efficiency


It is imperative for manufacturers to control air contamination risks. Air flow control system:

  • impacts the quality of products (best-before date, health risk)
  • is strongly related to the sensibility of products and the plant process flows
  • uses energy-consuming air treatment systems, which is potentially complicated to monitor

Clauger analyzed existing air flow control solutions in terms of technical implementation and control systems in order to confirm the performances.

It appears that the control is punctual (air flow control audits) and that there is no tracking tool to monitor flow streams at complete site and to ensure its traceability.

This is particularly critical in food processing plants where the premises are very slightly isolated due their activities and where products transfers are permanent, therefore not allowing pressures cascades measurement.

Key words: Air hygiene, air contamination risks control, products safety, quality



  • the Clauger air flow control application
  • Visualisation en continu des écoulements des flux d'air

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